Nursing Services

Just like the adage ” Nurse is the Real Epitome of Care”. QAHHC Nurses adhere to the Requirements, Laws and Regulations implemented by the governing body of UAE. In addition, we provide tender, love and care for each nursing skills rendered in every patients. These includes:


  • Health Assessments including Blood Pressure Monitoring and other Vital Signs.
  • Preparation and Administration of Medication and Management (Oral and Parenteral Route)
  • Patient Escort Nurse Service (During Travel Abroad and Within UAE)
  • Activities of Daily Living (Assistance With or Comprehensive Care)
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Post Operative Care and Management
  • General Wound Care and Dressing
  • Ostomy and Colostomy Care
  • Catheter Care and Insertion
  • Intravenous Fluid Therapy
  • Skilled Hospice Support
  • Diabetic Rehabilitation
  • Tube Feeding and Care
  • Nasopharyngeal and Tracheostomy Care
  • Management and Evaluation of Patient Care Plan
  • Pain Management and Evaluation
  • Prescription, Replacement and Refill of Medications
  • Telephonic Consultation
  • Support Caregivers
  • Wheelchair Training


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