About Us







About Us


At Qatar Alnada Home Health Care, our goal is to provide high quality daily services for home healthcare patients. We are composed of the following highly trained     Medical Professionals duly licensed by HAAD, DHA & MOH:

  • Owner
  • CEO/ Managing Director
  • Medical Staff
  • Non-Medical Staff
  • Nursing Staff


Our Mission


To promote increased Societal Well-Being and Development of Effectual Health Standards within United Arab Emirates through the support of Home Care Patients involving effective partnership between Hospitals, Healthcare Centers and the Home.


Vision Statement


Through our Quality excellence of Services the Qatar Alnada Home Health Care will be the leader in providing Quality of care that will make the home care of Choice for Patients, Doctors, nurses, insurance and Communities.




  • Provide High Quality Daily Services for Home Healthcare Patients
  • Improve patient well-being, accurately monitor and document patient progress through provision of Daily Patient Assessment Reports.
  • Provide Quality Home Care Services that will positively benefit patients and further enhance hospital respected reputation within the community of Al Ain and surrounding areas.





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